ISR Coherent-on-Receive Demo to begin for NATO research facility.

ISR will be deploying a coherent-on-receive radar for Dr. Jochen Horstmann, of the NATO Naval Underwater Research Center, La Spezia, Italy. The deployment will be for a three month period, and will investigate the unusual wind fields that are observed off shore of the area due to wind channels that occur due to orographic effects, and possible surface currents that are generated there.

US Patent Application

ISR has a patent pending on the measurement of directional wave spectra using fully coherent, and coherent-on-receive, marine radars. The application ID is PCT/US2010/046932, titled:


Foreign Patent Applications

In March of 2013, ISR successfully submitted applications for patents in a number of foreign countries on US Patent application, PCT/US2010/046932, regarding a method and apparatus for coherent marine radar measurements of properties of ocean waves and currents.

ISR BOEM NOPP partner in Renewable Energy Technologies

ISR is a subcontractor to the University of Massachusetts at Darmouth, on the NOPP project, titled:"Roadmap: Technologies for cost effective, spatial resource assessment for offshore renewable energy". ISR will study the feasibility of use of its coherent marine radar technology for measuring ocean wave directional spectra and surface currents aboard platforms offshore that are a part of the wind and/or wave energy system. As a secondary objective, ISR will identify technology requirements for an HF radar that can measure significant wave height, primary wave and swell wave direction, and, when practical (for sufficiently good echo Doppler spectra), full directional wave spectra.

3 ISR coherent Marine Radars participate in Navy RIVET experiment

ISR coherent marine radars were used in a recent ONR sponsored experiment at the New River Inlet near Camp Le Jeunne, NC. A team led by Prof. Merrick Haller, of Oregon State University, used a fully coherent radar, and a coherent-on-receive radar to collect data continuously during the three week experiment. Dr. Jesse McNinch, of the US Army Corps of Engineers Field Research Facility, Duck, NC, deployed his RIOS (River Inlet Observing System) during the experiment, providing radial velocity image data in real time every two hours. His results can be seen at his web site at:

Upgrades to Coherent-On_Receive systems have been deployed by other customers as well, and deployments are currenty underway or about to begin. These include San Francisco State University (Prof. Tobey Garfield) and the Australian laboratories of CSIRO under Dr. Graham Symonds. A similar system will soon be deployed for demonstration by our Taiwan representatives, Sino Instruments Co., Ltd, under manager Alan Chuang.