Tranceiver Cards

We have developed a comprehensive family of PC-based PCI transceiver boards with on-line processing and signal transmission capabilities that can be applied to radar education, testing and radar system development. Every card comes with an on-board GPS receiver for timing accuracy, as well as positioning (Differential GPS and WASS capable) for mobile applications. We use the most sophisticated of these in our line of HF and microwave radars, and are making a subset of these available to the market for other user applications. A special discount is available to universities for educational application. Each card type comes with a Graphical User Interface that allows one to set up the parameters required for each type of board used.

We offer five different models of our transceiver product. The highest level board is our Octopus transceiver that provides a programmable pulse generation capability from a few kilohertz to 100 MHz, with user-defined pulse envelope control, and eight receive channels of 8-bit A/D conversion output per trigger. We also provide a 4-channel version, the Quadrapus, and a transmit-only board, the ISR Exciter. Two versions of receive-only boards are also available, the OctalRec and QuadRec.

The 8-bit digitized signals on all of these products can be further processed on the board to provide higher dynamic range before output to the bus using two different methods. Using on-board summing, up to 256 consecutive waveforms can be used to create a 2-byte word for storage, assuming the echo is sufficiently stationary using the chosen trigger rate. Alternatively, our Digital Down Conversion (DDC) option creates I/Q pairs with 32-bit dynamic range, which can also be further averaged on the board before writing to the bus.

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HF Surface Wave Radar

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Coherent Marine Radar

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Analysis Software

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