HF Publications

  • 1971-1973, FPS-95 HF OTH Surveillance Radar, Orfordness, England; Reports on Surface Wave Tracking of Aircraft, Ionospheric Heating.
  • Long, A.E. & D.B. Trizna, "Mapping of North Atlantic winds by HF radar sea backscatter interpretation", IEEE Trans. Ant. & Prop, AP-21, pp. 680-685, 1973.
    - Conceived of Approach/Recede Bragg ratio to determine wave/wind direction in OTH mode
  • Ahearn, J.L, et al, "Proceeding of the IEEE, 62, pp. 681-687", June 1974.
    - Several examples of mapping of movement of storms through the Atlantic.
  • Trizna, D.B., J.M. Headrick, R.W. Bogle, J.C. Moore, "Directional sea spectrum determination using HF Doppler radar techniques", IEEE Trans. Ant. & Prop, AP-25, pp. 4-11, 1977.
    - First 2nd-Order Doppler sea scatter peer-reviewed published model, using E.M. 2nd order effects only
  • Trizna, D.B., J.M. Headrick, R.W. Bogle, J.C. Moore, "Observation of the Phillips resonance mechanism for generation of wind waves", JGR, 85, pp. 4946-56, 1980.
    - 2-30 MHz SCI Radar 1st order Bragg line amplitudes vs azimuth, temporal development of wave spectrum
  • Trizna, D.B., "Mapping ocean currents using over-the-horizon radar", International Journal of Remote Sensing, 3, pp. 295-301, 1982.
    - First time OTH radial current components used to locate major current field: the Gulf Stream
  • Trizna, D.B., USPTO Patent #4,633,255, "Method for sea surface high frequency radar cross-section estimation using Doppler spectral properties ", 30 December 1986. (Directional Sea Spectrum Measure)
  • Bogle, R.W & D.B. Trizna, "Small boat HF radar cross sections", NRL Memo Report 3322
    - Ship classification methodology

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